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Clan Hummingbird

A general all-girls gaming clan

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Welcome to Clan Hummingbird. I just realized there was no information on the info page, so I've hastily added it. Please ignore the lack of formatting. I'll fix it, I promise. XD

Clan Hummingbird is a clan for girl gamers. There are other girl gaming clans, but they're still rare compared to the amount of clans for boys or for general gamers, so I didn't think another would hurt.

All ages and levels of experience in gaming are welcome. There are auditions or tryout to join or anything like that, as, at least right now, we don't ladder or compete in any tournaments. This is just a clan for people to join and have fun with other girls who share their love of video games.

You can post anything related to gaming in the clan community. Game reviews, game articles, or anything that is gaming related will be accepted. Don't flame or fight if you see an opinion that you disagree with, however. Discussion is fine, catfighting is not.

Make sure to read the rules, and then have at it. Hope to see you in a game!